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Services Overview

Services Overview

Every one of our services help clients create safer workplaces.  We start by engaging employees with outstanding safety education, and ensuring that they are aware of the hazards and what's expected of them in creating a safety culture in their workplace.

Employees must, of course, be educated on:

  • the hazards that they have to work wth
  • how those  hazards can harm workers and others, and
  • what's required to protect workers from the hazards and prevent injuries.

So we offer services that:

  1. Help clients ASSESS the safety of their workplace, and
  2. Help clients MANAGE safety and create a safer environment 

Assessment Services

Our safety professionals and industrial hygienists can help clients assess the status of the safety system and procedures at their workplace and help identify the changes, improvements or systems that need to be put in place to create safer workplaces.   From mock workwell audits to workplace inspections to full blown Safety Systems audits, our safety professionals can help assess the current state of your safety system.

Safety Management Services

Together with our clients, we create safer workplaces by writing the necessary policies and procedures, helping to implement the systems, and designing the safety education and programs that will help get everyone on board.
Descriptions of our Assessment, Management and Training services can be reached through the main menu at left.
You are here: Home Services

Safety Building blocks

Design templateWorkplace safety starts with assessing your hazards. We can help with that.

Safety Training Reports

Need to know who was trained? We can reissue certificates and reports of training history.

Safety Experts

 Joomlart ForumOur workplace Safety Experts & Consultants are just a phone call away.

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