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Hazard Identification

A workplace hazard analysis helps identify hazards and create safer workplacesA Hazard Identification assessment is a process used to identify all the possible situations in the workplace where people may be exposed to injury, illness or disease. In plain english, the hazard assessment report answers the question: "what are our hazards in this workplace, and how could they hurt people or the company?".

A good hazard identification survey also assigns a risk factor to each hazard (usually based on the likely severity or frequency of the damage caused) -- so that the necessary corrective actions can be prioritized accordingly. The assessement also helps identify where Controls are needed, including what kind of policies, procedures and employee safety training needs to be conducted to ensure employees are aware of the hazard and how to work safely.

The overall process for Creating a safer workplace is fairly straighforward ... employers must be able to:

  • recognize hazards
  • assess the likelihood that they could cause damage (to people or property), and
  • establish the necessary controls to remove the hazard and eliminate or reduce the likelihood of injury/damage.


In short, when dealing with workplace health and safety hazards, the employer must be able to Find It, Assess It, and Fix it.

Our safety professionals can conduct a complete hazard identification assessment that gets you on the right track to knowing your hazards - so you can begin the process of dealing with them!

You are here: Home Workplace Assessments Hazard Identification

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