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Industrial Hygiene Services

Ontario's Occupational Health & Safety act and its regulations protect workers from exposure to hazardous or potentially harmful environmental agents. Employers who require that workers be exposed to these agents must:

  • be aware of their potential harm
  • measure workers' exposure
  • provide for the workers' protection.

Industrial Hygiene services help clients assess, control and eliminate worker exposures to environmental factors, physical, chemical and biological agents. These factors cause employee sickness or discomfort and negatively affect their health and well being.

Safety Training Solutions can help clients assess hygiene issues in their workplace, and determine wether they pose a hazard to their employees. Our hygienists can conduct:

  • air quality surveys
  • noise surveys
  • environmental assessments for heat, contaminants and radiation

As part of their assessment our hygienists are able to provide advice and recommendations about engineering, administrative and other controls to reduce and control exposures.

Please contact us to learn more about our hygiene services.

You are here: Home Workplace Assessments Industrial Hygiene

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