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Safety Talks

Safety talks are targeted safety topics that engage employees to create safer workplacesSafety Talks are 10-15 minute safety meetings which are designed to increase employee awareness of specific work-related hazards.  Regular use of safety talks, otherwise referred to as 'Toolbox talks' can reduce accidents and illnesses.

Safety talks are based on the idea that these focused talks or tailgate meetings can address real safety problems workers currently face on the job site - and help to prevent accidents, illnesses and on-the-job injuries.

Every employer must take reasonable precautions to protect workers from the hazards they must work with.  Workplaces must have a safety program that includes employee training in safe work practices.  Safety talks and focused safety meetings can be used to address actual problems on the job or in the shop. The person leading the meeting can draw on the experience of workers, and use that experience to remind all employees, especially newer ones, of the dangers of working with particular kinds of machinery, tools, equipment and materials.

As experts in the field of workplace safety, Safety Training Solutions can cover almost any safety topic in this format, and can cover the issues specific to your workplace, and say what needs to be said to your employees.


You are here: Home Safety Training Safety talks

Safety Building blocks

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Need to know who was trained? We can reissue certificates and reports of training history.

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