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Great First Aid Training

We do great First Aid TrainingYour First Aid kit is no good without First Aid training for your employees.  Safety Training Solutions provides a variety of workplace first aid & CPR training for employers and workplaces.   We do this at our facility, or at yours. 

Ontario law requires that every employer have at least one employee trained in First Aid on duty at all times.  Requirements for First Aid are laid out in Regulation 1101, administered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.  In short:

  • Employers with less than 5 employees have to have at least ONE employee trainined in Emergency First Aid on duty during work hours.
  • Employers with 6 or more employees must have at least one employee trained in Standard First Aid on duty at times during work hours.

First aid certificates are usually valid for 3 years from the date of the course.  Employees may Recertify their first aid certificate, only once, and provided that  the certificate has not yet expired.  In short, recertification can be used to extend an existing certificate only once ... after that the employee must re-take the full Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid course, as appropriate to the size of the company.



You are here: Home Safety Training First Aid for Workplaces

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