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JHSC Part II - Ontario

What is Part II certification? Ontario's WSIB requires that at least two members of the Joint Health & Safety Committee receive workplace-specific hazard awareness training.  This hazard-specific training is often referred to as "Part II" certification training.

WSIB notes:

Part  One
Basic certification provides an overall knowledge of health & safety that applies to all workplaces.
Part Two Workplace-Specific Hazard Training focuses on significant hazards in your workplace. 
It covers how to assess those hazards and ways to control and/or eliminate them.

Safety Training Solutions therefore offers a large number of hazard awareness courses designed to meet  Part Two certification requirements.

How do you know what you need?

Committees must conduct a hazard assessment of their workplace -- and then obtain training specific to the hazards identified.

We can help committees and employers identify ways of grouping topics so courses and course combinations can be delivered in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.

You are here: Home Safety Training JHSC Certification JHSC Hazard Specific

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